In a world full of data, it's a challenge to provide the right information & insights to the right person in the right way. 
I create user-friendly management reports, dashboards & infographics that contribute to the business goals since the late 90's (*).  
In 2019, I decided to bundle 20 years experience in finance & entrepreneurship into a new project 'Het Cashkompas / The Cashcompass':

> The result is a a 332 pages book (NL), containing more than 50 infographics. The book is Published by Sterck & De Vreese in 2022 (ISBN 978 90 5615 804 0 - NUR 801). You can order it directly with me or in the bookshops (, Amazon, Fnac, ...).

> Based on the Cashcompass model, I assist a selected number of SME's, entrepreneurs and professionals with Financials Insights in their business & Business Insights in their financials (**). 

> You can also contact me me for keynote & inspiration sessions: "Crack the financial code".

More info @

(*) For my career path @ PricewaterhouseCoopers, Mitiska Net Fund Europe, Roularta Media Group, Studio Verduyn : check  linked-in 
(**) Since 2022, I'm CFO & venture Comrade at the scale-up B4Plastics. I'm no longer available for additional CFO service mandates.
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