"" Hi,  I'm Brecht.

Somewhere in the mid '90's, I wanted to become a cartoonist, but I ended up with a university degree in applied economics.

I worked for 10 years as an employee in venture capital, retail & media.

In 2008 I jumped the entrepreneurial rollercoaster and started Studio Verduyn , "my wise chameleon business". 


. Background in economics
. 20 years experience (*) in financial management & business analysis
. Bringing the story behind data since 1997
. Worked in Audit, Venture Capital , Retail , Media/Marketing and IT. 

. Visual Artist & Storyteller
. Innovator & co-creator as intra/- & entrepreneur ​​​​​​​

. Compelling visual stories to run your business, share knowledge or just make the world more fascinating 

(*) During 10 years I worked as an analist &  controller for PricewaterhouseCoopers (Audit), for ventures o/t Mitiska Group (Investment company) & Roularta Media Group. Since 2008 I'm an independent entrepreneur, first as co-founder of a content marketing agency Content Republic, since 2014 as a co-founder of Qlaro, a company that delivers management information solutions to SME's.   In May 2019 I decided to move on as a solo-entrepreneur & compagnon de route.
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