Do you want to discuss or co-create some new projects to make the world a little better? 

Are you looking for a creative & analytic sparringpartner? Let's meet.

In the meantime you can find me as an advisory board member in some SME's or at one of these projects:

eternalise your tales of life on artisan tiles

#2019: The visual CFO
(be) your (own) visual CFO

# 2017: Mogopa Mining (Lesotho)
local diamond mining project

# 2011: (South-Africa)
non-profit organisation: talent development for unpriviliged children & youngsters
Past projects:

# 2014: co-founded: Qlaro BVBA: 
one stop shop management information solution - now part of ADU Group

# 2008: co-founded: Content Republic NV: 
content marketing agency - now part of Mediafin

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